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Combination Yarn Production

Are you searching for a flexible, abrasion-resistant product that provides a tough, high-bond film to go over a conductor?  Our fiberglass polyester combination yarn provides all of these useful features.

Our fiberglass polyester combination yarn is exactly what the name says – one end of continuous filament fiberglass yarn twisted together with polyester continuous filament yarn (thermal class B). The resulting product often serves as an overwrap for steel, aluminum and copper conductors, with the overwrap heated and fused to provide electrical and oxygen isolation of the conductor. We offer fiberglass polyester combination yarn as multiple ends wound on serving packages.

Key Features

High Strength – E-glass base yarn provides high tensile strengths

Consistent End Counts – trigger ends available

Packaging Options wound on various packages

Customized Combinations ability to vary end count, various yarn tex, various deniers, all-glass combinations

Handling Convenience – easy-to-handle size and weight

Product Applications

Customers use our wound products in applications such as in the construction of electric motors, transformers, inductors, speakers and electromagnets (such as in MRI machines), especially in high-temperature applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Insulation for magnet wire
  • Electrical motor winding insulation
Combination Yarn