Surmat® Veils & Conformat® Reinforcements

Surmat Veils and Conformat Reinforcements

Our process technology allows us to produce a diverse range of products from ultra-lightweight surfacing veils to heavyweight reinforcement mats.

Surmat® is one of the industry’s only continuous glass fiber veils on the market today. The continuous filaments improve impact resistance properties, enhance cosmetic appearance, as well as having excellent corrosion resistance in finished parts.

Our Conformat® product line provides additional reinforcement properties, while still maintaining high-quality finished part surfaces.

Key Features

Excellent Surface Appearance – enhancement of pigmented resins, high level of whiteness

Loft – ability to fill thick laminate cross-sections all while reducing weight and cost

Outstanding Corrosion Resistance – A-glass composition outperforms other glass compositions in acidic environments

Improved Impact Properties – continuous fibers inherently provide resilience and strength

Product Applications

Using specially formulated glass, binder, and sizing compositions, our products can be used in multiple processes including:

  • Heavy truck bodies, headliners, air fairings, etc.
  • Automotive interior trim panels
  • Window lineals
  • Tool handles
  • Ladder rails
  • Corrosion-resistant liners for pipes and tanks
  • Glass-reinforced gypsum