Continuous Filament Mat

Continuous Filament Mat

Our focus is on you, the customer. Our marble melt process offers the flexibility for custom products and we have a dedicated workforce providing rapid turnaround.

Our continuous filament mat (CFM) is a unique glass fiber reinforcement product renowned for its strength and durability in construction, energy, marine and transportation applications. We make high-quality CFM by creating continuous fiberglass strands and randomly looping and bonding them. Our low-content binders are compatible with a variety of unfilled or filled resin systems, including PE/PV, PE/PU, Phenolic, PU and PU/Epoxy. We can manufacture CFM in your specific areal weights and widths.

Key Features

Flow Media /Porosity – offers little resistance to resin flow allowing for easy and complete resin impregnation, resulting in high line speeds and the ability to infuse larger parts by using it as the flow media

Excellent Wet-out – improves the ability to coat individual glass filaments and strands

High Tensile Strength – resists being pulled apart under dry or wet tension, adding strength in all directions

Roll Widths – capability to manufacture the widest range of widths in the industry

Roll Slitting – mat rolls can be slit easily into minimal widths

Manageable – can be unrolled, cut and conveyed to the mold or die without losing its integrity

Product Applications

  • Electrical flat sheet
  • Grating and railings
  • Window lineals
  • Heavy truck/RV bodies, fan shrouds, etc.
  • Marine transoms, hulls, hatch covers, etc.
  • Wind turbine blades and nacelles
  • Structural beams, channels, angles, etc.

Technical Data Sheets

M8610, M8612, M8615
CFM Designed for Match Metal Die Molding

M8635M8635D1, M8635D2
CFM Designed for Infusion Molding

M8636, M8636X1
CFM Designed for Epoxy Laminate

M8643, M8643X3, M8643X4, M8643X5
CFM Designed for Pultrusion

CFM Designed for Phenolic Pultrusion